Most Popular Hearing Aids


Widex Sheer

From $1,695. The Widex Sheer hearing aid features the best technology. The hearing aid has a complete set of sound processing functions, including wind noise suppression, voice amplification and 15 customization options for your hearing aid acoustician. If you travel…
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Bernafon ENCANTA

Bernafon Encanta

From $2050. Bernafon Encanta  hearing aids pack in cutting-edge technology like amplification that keeps the natural patterns of speech intact, noise reduction refined by machine learning, a unique algorithm for amplifying music, and more. All so users can experience clear…
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Beltone SERENE

Beltone SERENE

From $2,295. Beltone Serene hearing aids are designed to help you hear in even the noisiest of situations, allowing you to focus on what people are saying and hear with confidence in any setting. These weatherproof and sweatproof hearing aids are…
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Resound NEXIA

ReSound Nexia

From $2,145. ReSound is in general an excellent “all-round” hearing aid brand which focuses primarily on focused hearing. With the Nexia series, they added the Front Focus Feature in all devices with technology level 9. This feature improves speech understanding by allowing the…
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Phonak Lumity

From $1,745. The Phonak Lumity hearing aids has various new functionalities. For example, the Phonak Lumity uses the unique Phonak SmartSpeech Technology for improved speech understanding. Moreover, the Phonak Lumity hearing aid reduces hearing effort, freeing up cognitive power. That…
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Oticon Intent 1 miniRITE

From $2,485. Discover the innovative power of the Oticon Intent 1 miniRITE: a hearing aid that not only adapts to your environment, but also to your personal preferences. Thanks to an advanced Sirius™ chip with 4D sensors and an updated…
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Signia IX

Signia IX

From $2,590 Signia IX is your ideal hearing aid. This IX series from Signia is the successor to the AX series with even better technology for speech intelligibility. This is achieved thanks to the new Signia Integrated Xperience and RealTime…
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Starkey Genesis AI

From $2,720. The Starkey Genesis AI has a sleek and discreet design, making the hearing aid virtually invisible, and its ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable fit. In addition, the Starkey Genesis features a range of enhanced technological capabilities. The hearing…
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Unitron Moxi Vivante

From $1,290. The Unitron Moxi Vivante hearing aid is the latest hearing aid from Unitron. Unitron Moxi Vivante rechargeable hearing aids are designed for comfort, aesthetics, and ease of use. With Unitron Moxi Vivante hearing aids, you can easily stream…
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