How to Trial Hearing Aids Before You Buy

Every hearing loss is unique so we recommend trialing hearing aids before you purchase them.  We fit all brands of hearing aids, and can inform you about the latest in hearing aid technology.

1.) Contact Us for an Appointment

  • Contacted us to make an appointment to test your hearing and discuss which brand and style of hearing aids will best suit you.
  • Either we can fit you with hearing aids at this appointment, or a fitting appointment is scheduled.
  • The cost of the hearing test and the trial is $280, which is deducted from the final cost of the hearing aids if you decide to purchase.

2.) Fitting Appointment

  • Our audiologists are skilled at optimising comfort, sound quality, and making sure your chosen aid is suitable for your unique hearing.
  • If the initial hearing aid under trial needs to be changed during the 3-4 week trial to better suit your needs, then this is arranged at no extra cost to you.
  • We recommend a Review appointment 1-2 weeks after the initial fitting to make sure the fit in your ear and sound quality is satisfactory.
  • You will given a box of 60 premium hearing aid batteries at the end at the final appointment.

3.) Congratulations – you have New Hearing Aids

  • Your purchase includes a 1-year of service & 3 year manufacturer warranty, free membership to the Edgecliff Hearing Battery Club – which provides batteries and accessories at the low prices and free postage for product over $25.
  • As a customer of Edgecliff Hearing, you are welcome to come back for fine-tuning of your hearing aids.
  • We recommend annual checks of your hearing and the hearing aids.