Introducing Cochlear Nucleus 7 iPhone Sound Processor

In September the collaboration between Apple and Cochlear recently launched a big step up in the world of hearing implant / hearing aid technology. The Nucleus 7 has a sound processor which connects your iPhone to your hearing implant. As part of the standard Apple Accessibility features it can then run with any Apple device using OS X 10 or later.

Cochlear Implant Nuclear 7 hearing aid

Tune in to the world with the smart phone accessory program refining how wide or narrow the sound range is; gauge your battery life or alter the volume. You can find your lost sound processor on the iPhone Maps App.

Tune out the world and focus just on your Apple device, streaming a phone call, video, music, GPS directions, webinar or conference call directly to your hearing device.

Streaming what's coming directly from your phone to your hearing aid/hearing implant means you have complete privacy. People around you cannot hear what your iPhone is playing to you.

6 colours to choose between and there's a compatible hearing aid so you can stream the sound from your iPhone to both ears for a richer hearing experience.

No extra wires required and crystal clear improved sound quality.

It's the smallest and lightest sound processor of its kind available today.

Nucleus 7 sound processor features SmartSound® iQ with SCAN which gauges your environment and makes hundreds of decisions automatically adjusting the settings of your hearing device for the optimal hearing performance.

Option for Android phone users

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you can enjoy streaming phone calls and music to your Nucleus 7 Sound Processor with the Cochlear Wireless Phone Clip.

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