Info for GPs and Consultants

Information for GPs and other medical industry professionals about how to work with an Audiologist here at Edgecliff Hearing.

Pensioner and DVA patients

Edgecliff Hearing can offer free hearing services to eligible pensioners and DVA clients through our accreditation with the Federal Government's Office of Hearing Services (OHS) program. More info

Medicare for Allied Health Professionals

We are accredited with HIC to provide Medicare subsidised hearing assessments whose GPs have put them on an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program.

Referring your patient to Edgecliff Hearing

Give your patient a Edgecliff Hearing Referral Form or EPC referral. Your referral will entitle the patient to a Medicare rebate (rebates available for most audiological diagnostic tests).

Call 02 9327 8280 to book an appointment or ask your patient to call us directly.

Click here to download Edgecliff Hearing Audiology Referral form.

To order Edgecliff Hearing Referral Pads phone 02 9327 8280.

Implantable Hearing Devices

Edgecliff Hearing audiologists work in close collaboration with a number of Ear Specialists to provide the best outcomes for you and your family.  This collaboration includes pre-surgery assessment and post-surgery aftercare for those who would benefit from implantable hearing devices. Contact us to find the specialist nearest you.


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