Hearing Aids

Hearing tests by Audiology Sydney medical hearing experts

Hearing well makes life so much more enjoyable. If you have problem hearing why not do something about it?

Edgecliff Hearing Audiologists work with leading Hearing Instrument Manufacturers whose products meet our strict standards.

Choosing the right hearing aid depends on the degree, type and cause of hearing loss, lifestyle factors and personal preferences. Selection is best approached with the help of our audiologists at Edgecliff Hearing.

Hearing aids come in several styles:

The most advanced and recommended styles are:

Completely-In-Canal (CIC) – Fitted inside each ear canal, CIC devices are all but invisible from the outside.

Open-Ear-Fitting – A recent advance in hearing aid design, which allows you to use your natural hearing as well as restoring soft speech sounds.

Receiver-In-The-Ear (RITE) – Smaller than an open ear fitting with the speaker in the ear canal for superior sound reproduction.

Assistive Listening Devices

Examples of alternative listening devices include television headphones and personal amplifiers. These are suitable if you need hearing assistance only in certain situations, such as watching TV, or if you have some other disability and therefore cannot manage a hearing aid.

When the problem of background noise or listening over distance remains a big problem even after hearing devices are fitted, then an FM system can help.  The system consists of a remote microphone and transmitter placed near the sound source.  The FM transmitter sends the sound by FM signal to an FM receiver worn by the listener.

Wireless Devices and Bluetooth

Wireless add-on devices are the latest addition to the range of accessories designed to enhance your lifestyle. These range from Bluetooth streamers for your mobile phone, to TV streamers, to wirelessly-streaming microphones. The aim of this technology is to bring a speaker’s voice, television or even music, closer to you without having to worry about background noise. If you have a hearing aid in both ears, then you will hear the person speaking in both ears. If you are listening to music or television, you will hear it in stereo.

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Edgecliff Hearing are completely independent and not biased towards any particular brand. When you work with our expert Audiologists here in our Sydney offices you can be guaranteed of an impartial expert recommendation and fitting of the best Hearing Aid or Implants to suit your budget and requirements.

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