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Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about hearing loss, Hearing Aids, implants and our services at Edgecliff Hearing. If you have another question you would like answered just click here to call or email us from our Contact page.


A. Hearing loss is most commonly caused excessive noise exposure or through the natural aging process.  The hearing loss may be due to middle ear problems, such as glue ear, otosclerosis (excess bone growth behind the ear drum), chronic ear infections, or a cholesteatoma (cyst behind the eardrum).  Causes of inner ear hearing (damage to the sensory hair cells) include noise exposure and the aging process, medications toxic to the inner ear, Meniere’s disease (excess fluid production in the inner ear), virus infections and genetic causes.
A. If you have a hearing loss in both ears, then usually two hearing aids are better than one. Studies show that two hearing aids improve speech understanding in the majority of listening environments, particularly in the presence of background noise.  It will be easier to locate where a sound is coming from and easier to communicate in group situations.  Generally, the benefits of using two hearing aids outweigh the additional cost.
A. Hearing aids can’t restore your hearing, but they can help you to hear better. A thorough audiological test is absolutely essential to ensure your aids are working optimally for you. An Edgecliff Hearing expert audiologist performs the most comprehensive tests to ensure that the correct hearing loss has been identified.
A. Although you may choose to wear your hearing aids less often, successful hearing aids is highly dependent on you. When you have a hearing loss, your brain will need time to re-learn how to hear again. Wearing your hearing aid daily will help you achieve great results. Edgecliff Hearing personalised after care can assist you realise your goals.
A. No.  A hearing aid prevents auditory deprivation and supports the entire auditory system.
A. An Edgecliff Hearing audiologist will discuss your preferences and needs to select a device that best restores your hearing. Everyone's hearing is unique and what’s appropriate for one person may not be appropriate for another. We provide a trial period of 3 weeks (this may be extended if necessary).  You will be required to pay a deposit of $180 plus 50% of the cost of the aids.  If the device is in any way unsatisfactory, you will be refunded all payments at the end of the trial except the initial $180 deposit.  If you decide to keep the aid, then the $180 is taken off the total cost of the device.
A. When the problem of background noise or listening over distance remains a big problem even after hearing devices are fitted, then an FM system can help.  The system consists of a remote microphone and transmitter placed near the sound source.  The FM transmitter sends the sound by FM signal to an FM receiver worn by the listener.
A. Most health insurance companies provide hearing aid benefit options.  Check with your health insurer to see if you are eligible for a rebate.  Medicare does not cover hearing aids. The Baha and the cochlear implant devices are fully funded under basic hospital cover health insurance policies.
A. Edgecliff Hearing is an accredited audiology clinic with the Federal Government’s Office of Hearing Services Scheme.  Eligible pensioners and DVA card holders are able to obtain free hearing services and aids through our clinic.  Contact our clinic for an Application Form to see if your are eligible.
A. An audiologist is a university degree-qualified Healthcare professional trained in the diagnosis and management of hearing disorders.  Edgecliff Hearing audiologists are full members of the Audiological Society of Australia (www.audiology.asn.au), and are therefore bound by a Professional Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. In contrast, an audiometrist is a TAFE trained dispenser of hearing aids.  Here at Edgecliff Hearing we only employ audiologists.

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