Are you getting independent advice about your hearing needs?

Edgecliff Hearing is a member of Independent Audiologists Australia (IAA). IAA’s mission is to promote and support clinical practices owned by Audiologists.

Independent Audiologists Australia (IAA) stands for quality, integrity and independence in hearing and care. The association promotes a high standard of knowledge and reputable conduct amongst audiologists in private independent practices.

All Members must hold specialised University qualifications in audiology and adopt quality clinical and ethical standards.

As a member of IAA, Edgecliff Hearing supports independent choice of devices based on individual need identified through professional diagnostic assessment.

Our audiologists do not accept incentives to sell one brand over another. Our total focus is on recommending the most suitable hearing aid chosen out of all brands that best suits your needs and your budget.

We are hearing care professionals you can trust. We do not use unfair marketing tactics or group marketing to coerce members of the public to Edgecliff Hearing.  We have a great reputation with GPs and local specialists who refer patients to us.

Would you like us to look after your hearing needs? CLICK HERE to make an appointment to see one of our great audiologists at Edgecliff Hearing at a Sydney office near you.

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