Additional Audiology Services

Additional audiology services for General Practitioners

Edgecliff Hearing can arrange the following for your patients, click here to Contact us.

  • Full audiological management including hearing aid fitting and cochlear implant assessment.
  • Electronic referral option.
  • Telephone consultations with Edgecliff Hearing audiologists
  • Same day service for urgent audiological assessment. We will make every effort to help accommodate your practice request.
  • Detailed report of audiological assessment with recommendations faxed within 24 hours 
(same day turnaround for urgent requests).
  • In practice breakfast and lunch time turorials by Audiologists to assist with audiological management (interpretation of audiology reports, case studies).
  • Educational evenings tailored to your request.
  • Audiology information sheets and brochures.

Contact Edgecliff Hearing to make a booking for your patient.