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Need an Audiologist in Sydney?

When you need to improve your hearing, Edgecliff Hearing provide you with best of everything. Our mission is to identify and provide the best solution for every unique hearing problem.

Our main clinic is in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, Edgecliff. We also conveniently have a clinic in Bella Vista, a visiting clinic in Penrith and a sister clinic in Campbelltown. Edgecliff Hearing combine leading-edge hearing technology and hearing rehabilitation practice. Our audiologists are discrete, caring experts with the highest ethical standards backed by friendly and efficient support staff. Come and visit us.


Hearing loss

Hearing Loss

What happens when you start to lose your hearing?

There are three distinct parts to the ear and each plays plays an integral role in directing sound signals for processing in the brain. Watch the video to see how they work and what can cause hearing loss.

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small hearing aids for work Sydney

Hearing Aids

Which one will suit me best?

With so many brands of different quality and price out there choosing the right hearing aid to match the cause of your hearing loss, lifestyle factors and personal preferences can leave you cross-eyed.

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Office Hours:

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm
After Hours: By appointment

Drop in for your hearing aid supplies or phone to book an appointment with a hearing specialist.


Hearing Specialist in Sydney

Hearing Implants

when hearing aids can't give you all you need.

If you suffer from at least moderate-to-profound hearing loss and find it difficult to use the phone or listen to TV, even with hearing aids, cochlear implants may help reconnect you to the hearing world.

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protect hearing at work

Hearing Protection

for working in a noisy environment

Hearing loss is usually permanent. Therefore, hearing protection is important when you're working or spending time in a noisy environment. Edgecliff Hearing offers a range of hearing protection options.

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hearing expert north sydney


What's happening at Edgecliff Hearing?

Our Audiologists are always keeping up to date with the latest technology from the best suppliers. Check out what products they've been learning about and what's coming up in the future.

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About Edgecliff Hearing

We are independent Audiologists

Here at Edgecliff Hearing we are free of bias towards any one supplier. This allows us to use the best from each company to recommend what will match your requirements. We are a boutique independent audiology clinic with over 50 years combined audiology experience.

Independent audiologist in Sydney

We have a strong positive reputation among patients and medical practitioners

Our reputation has been built over more than 25 years through our passion to be at the forefront of hearing technology and our close association with other hearing specialists.

We are at the forefront of hearing technology

Through our experience and passion for learning and sharing with other specialists, the audiologists here at Edgecliff Hearing have the experience to provide the best advice and technology for any hearing problem.

Our standard of care leads to patient and specialist recommendations

Our high level of care and successful outcomes has built us a solid reputation for being reliable, discrete and ethical. Both patients and doctors recommend our services to others.

Meet our team

  • Merren Davies

    Merren is recognised as one of Sydney’s most respected Audiologists, highly skilled with Hearing Aids,…

  • Phillippa Hunt

    Dedicating three decades to the specialist field of Audiology, Phillippa has been a trail blazer in…

  • Claire Crichton

    We welcome qualified Audiologist Claire Crichton to our Edgecliff offices. Claire Crichton's career in audiology…

  • Jan Glas

    A seasoned performer, Jan has more than twenty years experience in medical administration and aspires…

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